Terroir [tεrwar] comes from the French word terre -- land, earth, soil. Every terroir is the result of complex interactions between many factors intimately entwined and unique for each of them: geographic (location, soil, climate, topography), historical, and human (activities, traditions, know how's). The best terroirs have given birth to distinctive foods and wines that express these places' unique combinations of factors.

Savoir-Faire [savwaʀfε:r] literally translates from the French as "know how". In English however, it means being adaptable and highly-skilled, knowing what to do in any situation. This is the vast expertise we bring.

Terroirs And Savoir-Faire is a select international communications and marketing boutique that assists clients in entering and advancing their reputation globally and within the increasingly competitive U.S. market.

We "know how" to successfully approach the media, the trade and other influential experts in the industry on behalf of our clients. We also "know how" to develop tailor-made integrated communications programs that achieve results based on their individual situations and goals. These results are not limited traditional public relations campaigns but include the development of custom websites, social media, content and messaging designed to target specific audiences in a meaningful way.

Our accounts include The Alliance des Crus Bourgeois du Médoc, Moutai and Larsen and Renault Cognac, among other notable names.

For more information on how T&SF can help you, please contact: info@terroirsandsavoirfaire.com

'Press Release: Hourglass sale at La Part des Anges auction'


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